The production takes about 10 workingdays.  Shipping by DHL Express Service.


Labels and stickers in various designs and sizes, with and without adhesive surface, printed with your design.
These individual stickers have been created to carry an advertising message directly to your potental customer.The static cling, magnetic or adhesive sticker in fact can be applied on refrigerators, computers, cars and on each metal surface.The alternatives that can be used are e.g. different mini-calendars, business cards, funny pictures..etc.
You can add to the stiickers your personal message for a particular event such as: SALES, DISCOUNTS, PROMOTIONS, SELL.
As well as customizing the card with informations that distinguish your work from others such as: SPECIALTY, PRICES, SERVICES.
There are no limits to your imagination.
Please choose a material to proceed:

Stickers of white or transparent PVC, self-adhesive on smooth surfaces such as glass, removable and reusable, due to an electrostatic effect no glue coating is necessary.

Stickers with a magnetic effect, printed with a UV offset quality, individual formats are available

Custom Labels and Stickers printed in UV offset quality. Two stocks available: white and transparent PVC. Die cutting available.


  • Credit Card
  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer SEPA
  • Direct banking Sofort

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