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Hot foil stamping

Hot foil stamping is a method by which business cards or other printed products are getting refined in a very impressive way. By means of a clichee a metallic foil (in gold or silver) is applied with heat and pressure to create a look of real gold or silver for a decorative element. In contrast to silver or golden offset inks the metallic hot foil doesn't simulate a metallic effect instead it aluminizes the relative parts of the design. The impact is noble and at the same time vivid.
Hot foil stamping on plastic can be used for logos or bold type, but not for very delicate elements.
This finishing option seems to be pretty expensive, but the price can be easily explained by the necessity of producing an individual clichee and the stamping of the foil on every single card, which is a much more elaborate job than offset printing. The results, however, show that hot foil stamping gives you value for your money.